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OSA : OS_Stimer_Alloc

OS_Stimer_Alloc (var_stimer_id)

Not allowed in interruptService uses system timer

Allocate static timer for use. There should be at least one free static timer (check with OS_Stimer_Found service)

Number of static timers OS_STIMERS (1..32) must be specified in OSAcfg.h. Size of static timers is set by OS_STIMER_SIZE constant

Constant OS_STIMERS_ENABLE_ALLOCATION should be defined in OSAcfg.h.

Call allowed:

Not in interrupt


var_stimer_id Variable of type unsigned char to store ID of allocated timer. When 0xFF - timer is not allocated


OS_IsError() return true when no free timer to allocate


void Task (void)
    static unsigned char stimer_id;
    for (;;) {
        OS_Wait(OS_Stimer_Found());    // Wait for free static timer
        OS_Stimer_Alloc(stimer_id);    // Allocate it for use
        OS_Stimer_Run(stimer_id, 100); // Now we use static timer through variable
        do {
           // ...
        } while (!OS_Stimer_Check(stimer_id));
        OS_Stimer_Free(stimer_id);    // Make timer free

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